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bistro Fotić

Bistro Fotić is located in the very center of Zagreb, just minutes away from Ban Jelačić Square, and around the corner from Zrinjevac Square and Park.


Bistro Fotić daily offer includes meat and fish dishes, pasta, delicious stews and soups, salads, palačinke (crepes), pastries, and a variety of pizzas made with mozzarella and savory, fresh ingredients.

Being located near Dolac, Zagreb's main farmer's market, benefits us greatly since all of our dishes are made from fresh, seasonal ingredients that we purchase daily.


We also offer a special vegetarian menu and whole wheat pizzas.


In this day and age when people living in Zagreb do not practice eating their breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere of a bistro, but are mostly seen around the city's streets with a paper bag from a nearby bakery, we offer our customers a chance to have an omelet, baked or poached eggs with a fresh homemade bread roll, in a calm and pleasant manner, accompanied with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and a selection of daily newspapers to browse.


Since the CroArtPhotoClub Gallery is situated within Bistro Fotić, our customers also have an opportunity to see a current exhibition, surf Facebook or the Web, while sipping a coffee.

In the CroArtPhotoClub section our club members can read literature about photography, chat about news in the photo industry, or comment on current photo exhibits in the city.


Our customers can also use a tablet that a server brings to your table, so while you enjoy a glass of wine, or a delicious cake with coffee, you can also order photos that are going to be done in the shortest time possible (30 min the longest).


Bistro Fotić is an excellent choice for a quick lunch during your business hours as well as for a romantic dinner after a long day.


Enjoy our chef's choice of various traditional and international cuisine delicacies at affordable prices, in a relaxed atmosphere of our serene bistro.                                  

Weekly Offer:

Monday 25.09.17.

- juha od rajčica i đumbira s domaćim noklicama

- quesadilla tj tortilla punjena povrćem, sirom sa ili bez špeka

- wok piletina / kozice s povrćem i rižom ili rižinim rezancima

- pečena piletina s provansalskim travama s pekarskim krumpirom

- teleći ficleki na žaru s kruškom punjenom tri vrste sira

- marinirani ficleki bifteka s povrćem na žaru i krumpirićima

- varivo od mladog kelja s junećim faširancima

- fritaja s vrganjima i špekom


Tuesday 26.09.17.

- francuska juha od luka zapečenim sirom

- kuhana junetina s pire krumpirom i svježe ribanim hrenom

- lungić u umaku od kestena s kroketima

- pohani otkošteni batak sa sezamom, kremom od špinata i krumpirićima

- file pastrve u kukuruznom brašnu sa šarenom krumpir salatom

- grah varivo s domaćom kobasicom

- trakice bifteka u umaku od vrganja s njokama od buće

- zeleni vanjkušeki punjeni kremom od sušenih rajčica i skute na maslacu s preprženim listićima badema

Wednesday 27.09.17.

- krem juha od graška

- pikantna pileća krilca s krumpirićima i slatko-ljutim umakom

- lungić u umaku od aronija s kroketima

- punjene paprike s pire krumpirom

- punjene teleće rolice u finom umaku s domaćim njokama od buće

- piletina alla caprese na žaru s krumpirićima

- lazanje “Fotić”

- pohane palačinke punjene piletinom i sirom na salati

- fritaja s vrganjima i špekom


Thursday 28.09.17.

- krem juha od gljiva

- ražnjići od svinjetine sa suhim šljivama i pancetom na žaru s krumpirićima

- zapečena pikantna pljeskavica s krumpirićima

- pašticada s domaćim njokama

- varivo od mladog kelja s junećim faširancima

- teleća jetrica na žaru s restanim krumpirom “Fotić”

- file pastrve s umakom od kiselog vrhnja s kuhanim krumpirom i koprom

- punjene pureće rolice sa sirom i šunkom u špeku na žaru s krumpirićima i kremom od buće

- domaći špageti alla Carbonara

- rižoto s bućom i mascarponeom