About us:


Dear customers!


It's been almost one year since the opening of Bistro Fotić.

We would like to thank everyone for visiting and supporting us, to our guests who, in this short time period, have become our steady visitors, as well as to the journalists who have somehow found us, and dedicated some media space to us.

That is certainly a great compliment, and an indicator that we are on the right track, but it also adds to our responsibility to fulfill your expectations.

We thank you for your compliments and suggestions, we will keep trying to improve our service and quality as much as possible, being aware that there are always going to be some of you who might not be satisfied, for whichever reason.


All of those who have visited us are familiar with the fact that our chefs cook in an open kitchen, so we are not exaggerating when stating that all of our meals are prepared out of fresh ingredients, and that we never use frozen or semi-prepared food.

All of our meals, including our daily specials, are being prepared in the very moment of your ordering, for you only.

While you await your meal, which is going to be served to you in the shortest time possible, enjoy our carefully selected wines by the glass, cocktails, homemade liqueurs, or various types of brandy, at affordable prices.

We change our menu depending on the season, but we also listen to your desires. We don't want to associate our food offer with any type of cuisine in particular, but, on the contrary, we wish to have it wide open to tastes and aromas of an international cuisine, without ever neglecting the traditional, simple cuisine of our region.




In today's globalization trends and the Internet age, when everything is available and known to everybody, the question why not to conceptualize the cuisine in the same manner might be raised. Culinary arts, like fashion, require inspiration and creativity, so any imposed boundaries would limit and withhold the senses, flavors, and aromas.

Our attitude is affirmed by our customers who are thrilled to choose meat prepared in a variety of different ways, like grilled chicken, or breaded with sesame, in a delicious sauce, chimichangi style, or the newest one with vegetables prepared in a wok.

Try our homemade pasta, bread and pastries that are baked daily for your complete gastronomic pleasure.

We will continue to listen to your suggestions and will continue in our efforts to make Bistro Fotić a pleasant place to relax or to mingle, morning to evening.